Catification, a big anaphormic mural of a cat staring at a parking
Behold the impressive anamorphic mural that graces the walls of Berchem, Antwerp. Standing tall and proud, a magnificent big cat captures the attention of passersby. This awe-inspiring artwork gazes directly at the adjacent parking lot, assuming the role of a vigilant protector. The skillful execution of this mural creates the illusion that the cat lounges within the building next to the parking lot. Its presence invokes a sense of safety and security, subtly reminding viewers of the importance of safeguarding our surroundings.

An anamorphic wallpainting by SMOK  of a boy staning in the corner
Boy in the corner
In this anamorphic mural I trick the eye by extending the road so that it seems to run through the wall. In the midst of this captivating scene, a young boy stands with his hands in front of his face. His attitude raises multiple interpretations - is he involved in a game of hide and seek, overcome with emotion or weighed down by a sense of shame? The mural invites contemplation, allowing each viewer to find their own story within the enigmatic figure.
Taking a break
Discover a mural that celebrates the art of relaxation and the importance of slowing down amidst our busy lives. Nestled next to the home of cat-lovers, this anamorphic mural portrays a serene feline basking in the tranquility of a nearby field. The cat's graceful demeanor and contented expression serve as a gentle reminder for viewers to take a moment, unwind, and embrace the joys of simplicity. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, the mural urges us to pause, reconnect with our surroundings, and find solace in the present moment.

This mural was made on the wall of a nice lady, she had one small request - to incorporate some greenery into the artwork. The mundane brick wall happens to be situated right in front of the Berchem Green Service. Their front garden extends towards the wall, and there was a tree placed in front of it. I saw this as an intriguing challenge and decided to use it as my starting point.
I magnified the image of the owner to such an extent that the tree appears as a bonsai tree in comparison. As the focal point of the mural, she is shown cheerfully tending to the bonsai, carefully trimming its branches. This playful depiction highlights her nurturing nature and creates a delightful juxtaposition between the miniature tree and the larger-than-life presence of the owner.
Through this artwork, I aimed to bring a touch of nature to the otherwise plain wall and pay homage to the surrounding green space. The mural serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban landscapes and the natural world, celebrating the beauty that can emerge from unexpected collaborations.
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